Angie DeLost

President & CEO

Prior to joining Ready for School, DeLost worked for Easter Seals Central Illinois (ECI), an organization dedicated to helping children with developmental delays, disabilities, and other special needs reach their full potential. At ECI, DeLost most recently served as Vice President of Program Services. Prior to that, DeLost also worked as Vice President of Rehabilitation and Clinical Services and Director of Motor Therapy and Aquatics. DeLost also has extensive experience providing services to children and families as an occupational therapist in home, medical, school, and community settings.

“My passion for serving children and families prepares me well to help children get their best start through the services Ready For School provides,” says DeLost. “I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to lead this organization. I am excited to work with stakeholders to further the mission of Ready for School as the organization continues its strong tradition of making a positive impact by serving local children and families.”

Claim to Fame

Collaboration, Teamwork, & Common Vision is key in all I do. I enjoy helping others, giving back, and making a difference by positively impacting other lives.


Senior Development Officer

Bill Badran is an unstoppable spark who believes the key to building a bright future is our children. He spent two decades developing ways to be a positive motivator for others' growth. The Senior Development Officer believes in creating a better community through valued relationships and meaningful connections.


Bill is best known for his innovations and leadership under BandA Tech Solutions, an IT and Digital Marketing Management firm modeled to serve for "Impact Organizations," such as Ready for School. In this role, he possessed a reputation as a solutions innovator and cyber security instructor. This allows him to be a catalyst of connections for both local businesses and West Michigan communities.

Claim to Fame: 

I'm a Joey Fatone doppelganger!



Director of Ops & Partnerships

I work for Ready for School to help my community continue to thrive and continue to thrive by helping children and families be ready for their educational careers. ​I am inspired by my community and how the people in this community are inspired to continue to make the area a fantastic place to live.​ In my role, I work to build up unique connections through the community to help families make a successful transition into kindergarten.​The most exciting part of my job so far has been being able to be part of some very cutting-edge work and being able to be very creative.​

When I am not working I can be found kicking it with friends and family on grand adventures.​

Claim to Fame

​Defying death ​on many different adventures with my husband.



Director of Early Learning

My passion is cultivating a holistic approach to early learning. In my role, I’m blessed to help organize the collaborative effort that brings parents, schools, and our community together around the same mission to create pathways for children to thrive in kindergarten and beyond. First impressions can have a lasting impact, so seeing children enter school enthusiastic and ready makes our endeavor to maintain and grow our high-quality organization worth the effort.


When I am not working I can be found in the yard, playing with our four children and our bounding golden retrievers, Dune and Tulip. My husband and I love taking our family on bike rides, out for ice cream, and making sand creations at the lakefront.

Claim to Fame

An Indiana girl, I am a fourth-generation Purdue University legacy. My great grandfather, also named Jesse, graduated exactly 100 years before me!



Director of RORWM

It brings me great joy and fulfillment to be part of an organization whose mission and vision focus on walking alongside families and children in this community. Ready for School's approach to early childhood development and commitment to children reaching their fullest potential is unique and inspiring. I love that each of us is empowered to advocate for the families we partner with; I am dedicated to ensuring our community and its youngest generation flourish. In my role, I work with the medical community to help integrate reading into pediatric practices, advise families about the importance of reading with their children, and share books that serve as a catalyst for healthy childhood development. When I am not working, I can be found spending time with my husband, daughters, family, and friends...playing games, boating, hiking, and working out are all more fun when shared with others!

Claim to Fame

I spent a few summers at the base of Mission Mountains, changing irrigation pipes in exchange for room and board.  


Hilary Marine

Program Specialist of Reach Out and Read West Michigan

Working with children has always been the driving force to fulfillment for me. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a good conversation with a toddler? My career began as a pediatric nurse and continued as a pediatric nurse practitioner. Working with ill or injured children and their families in their most vulnerable moments provided life-changing experiences that will be with me forever. In 2019, my own life circumstances shifted my long-time goal of working with children and families to working for children and families. Each child is born with great potential, BIG potential. It is up to us to foster the path for each child to reach their unique potential in every aspect. I am incredibly privileged to continue my journey beside individuals who have a wide array of backgrounds and stories, yet the same drive to improve the future of our communities through our children.

When I am not working I can be found enjoying the chaos of life with my husband, our 4 children, and our 3 dogs. We love to embrace the seasons of our beautiful state by boating, beaching, downhill skiing, and enjoying time with friends and family. We love to travel with Costa Rica being our favorite destination to date.

Claim to Fame

Everyone has made a decision during the pandemic that they may not have otherwise made. Mine was single-handedly allowing our son to adopt a bearded dragon. I have never been a reptile person, but Milo has grown on me!



Community Impact Manager

Amanda is the glue that holds the RFS team together! Amanda's passion is the driving force of a "well-oiled machine".  Nancy Rogers once told her son, Fred, 'Always look for the helpers. You will always find someone helping.' Amanda is exactly that. A helper to the team and the Kids Ready for School serves.  With her extensive background in family advocacy with Head Start, Amanda brings talent and innovation to another level.


Amanda's drive for what she loves to do is fueled by her two kids and husband.  Their time is spent enjoying nature walks and being outdoors.

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I can trouble shoot with furry!