2020 Update

Dear Ready for School Supporter:

With the start of the most unusual school year in modern history, I want to give you

an update on this similarly unusual and extraordinary time in Ready for School's history.

Though it wasn't a typical summer, it certainly was not quiet around Ready for School. In fact,

it was one of our busiest summers to date and has led us to re-imagine how we do our work and how we can deliver access to high-quality early learning experiences to more people in continually meaningful ways.

In 2020, a resounding theme at Ready for School is the power of remarkable families. Your response to the Family-led Match Giving Challenge last December was the first inspiring example with families at the center of our work. When pandemic related changes meant

we saw entire families at our summer kindergarten readiness program, we watched as

parents became teachers and siblings became classmates. When unanticipated but amazing

opportunities came about, our own families and neighbors answered the call to address needs and complete projects. The list of examples is long and our gratitude is immense.

Extraordinary times require extraordinary and nimble action. I'm proud that we took on challenges and proved, yet again, that we are a community that invests in the BIG potential of all small children. Challenges are ahead for us all, and I wish you strength, resolve, and grace in moving through and beyond them until a time when the world can come together again.

Our momentu