Electric Buses at ZPS

We often overlook everyday occurrences that may impact the health of children. Schools think about these everyday occurrences and Zeeland Public Schools has joined a few Michigan districts with an everyday innovation.

Zeeland Public School's research on Electric Buses provides STEM Learning and may mean Healthier Kids

Dave Meeuwsen, Director of Transportation is excited about these buses as they will “give us a chance to see how much the air is cleaner by how many miles we went by using graphs and charts and see the air is much cleaner.”

Converting to the electric bus, is likely to “translate into a healthier, cleaner environment for students not just in those districts, but also for the communities they serve since exhaust from diesel-powered buses expose children, parents and those who live and work along bus routes to harmful exhaust fumes and particulates,” Bridge magazine emphasizes.

Almost 10% of children younger than 17 have been reported to have asthma according to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ Michigan Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance. Cleaner air can mean fewer health impacts from dirty air on children.

“The buses won’t be just a benefit outside the classroom, they’ll also supplement STEM studies and offer opportunities for learning about the environment, new technology, climate change, and EVs,” the article highlights.

Schools that innovate to improve everyday occurrences for child learning and health are assets to our communities. Thank you ZPS for not overlooking these opportunities.

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