In this report Drs. Williams and Lerner provide a comprehensive look at why school readiness matters, the barriers to readiness, the relationship between early childhood and school readiness and what pediatricians do to support school readiness. This is a great read.

Three memorable points.

1. “Children’s readiness for kindergarten should become an outcome measure for a coordinated system of community-based programs and supports for the healthy development of young children.”

2. Data from the National Survey of Children’s Health 2012 revealed that children with 2 or more adverse childhood experiences were almost 3x more likely to repeat a grade in school. Resilience, defined in the study, as “staying calm and in control when faced with a challenge,” ameliorated these effects.

3. Linking literacy, health and parental supports with evidenced-based programs such as Reach Out and Read and AAP Books Build Connections Toolkit is a key way to support school readiness through well child visits

Get the report- KINDERGARTEN READINESS, August 2019.

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