Spotlight Series: Boyd Feltman

What are your clearest memories of your kindergarten teacher and classmates? Experiences early in life critically impact brain development for learning, relationships, behavior and health. Kindergarten is a milestone that has inspired us to ask parents, teachers, champions and donors to reflect on their own memories of kindergarten. Made possible by the Howard Miller Clock Company, the Gift of Time Spotlight Series helps tell a story about what’s possible in a community that elevates early learning and advances potential. 


Posted on April 10, 2019 by Kate Flynn

"This was my fifth birthday. My mother said that it was a special milestone birthday, so I got my first professionally made cake. Whereas most birthday cakes were homemade and not as spiffy looking as this one.  :)  

But, this picture reminds me of many special gatherings.  I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by my entire family from both my mother's and father’s sides.  So, family gatherings were not only big, but also quite frequent. These gatherings were always looked forward to because the family was very playful with lots of food and certainly full of jokes and laughter.  Card games, yard games, sports games, board games, made up games, etc., were just part of all family gatherings. Many great memories from moments like the one captured in this picture. On the other side of the camera, there was certainly a room full of people waiting to eat my cake and share ice cream!!"

- Boyd Feltman

Q: Do you have a favorite children's book? Literary character? 

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a favorite story.  So much so, that my childhood pony was named Willy Wonka!  

Q: What is something you loved about living where you did as a young child?