Spotlight Series: Jodi Owcarski

What are your clearest memories of your kindergarten teacher and classmates? Experiences early in life critically impact brain development for learning, relationships, behavior and health. Kindergarten is a milestone that has inspired us to ask parents, teachers, champions and donors to reflect on their own memories of kindergarten. Made possible by the Howard Miller Clock Company, the Gift of Time Spotlight Series helps tell a story about what’s possible in a community that elevates early learning and advances potential. 


Posted on February 25, 2019 by Kate Flynn

“This was my school picture my kindergarten year.  Gotta love the 70’s :) 

This was 1975 and was at Waukazoo Elementary school. My teacher, Fran Baron, continued to send me supportive notes through high school when she would hear of my accomplishments.  Back then, Waukazoo only had kindergarten and fourth and fifth grades. I remember being an oddity because I was one of two kids in kindergarten that could read. They had the two of us stand in front of the fifth grade classrooms and read to the kids.

I can still imagine the smell from the classroom —a mix of milk, graham crackers and tempera paint. The best days included getting to watch the letter people… Mr M, munching mouth, Mr H, Horrible Hair, and Mr T,Tall Teeth, were my absolute favorites!”

- Jodi Owczarski

Q: Do you have a favorite children's book? Literary character?

My favorite book to read with my girls was “Tacky the Penguin” Helen Lester.  This book celebrated being different showing that sometimes being perfect isn’t perfect a