Top 10 things-to-do as Kindergarten starts

1. Look at books about kindergarten with your child, Great books about

Kindergarten, ask them for their ideas about the pictures. Read it


2. Talk about what your child should expect when it comes to Kindergarten.

3. Establish a bedtime routine and begin gradually cutting back to the school

bedtime if your child is staying up late during the summer.

4. Establish a morning routine and complete a "dry-run" of going out to the

bus stop, driving to school, etc.

5. Plan time for breakfast if your child is used to getting breakfast when he

or she gets to school.

6. Give lots of reassurance, positive reinforcement and active listening.

7. Develop a fun with reading and books routine and create a fun space.

8. Play together on the playground at your child's school.

9. Write your child's name inside his/her backpack, coat, and lunchbox and

talk about the letters that make up his or her name

10. Write a note to your child's kindergarten teacher about your child in the

form of a thank you and include: their strengths, things they are working

on, concerns, how your child best communicates his/her needs, health

concerns/allergies, and what preschool and/or summer learning like Start

School Ready was like for your child.

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