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Childcare Providers

Tri-share is great for providers, too. Find out how to work with parents to get the full benefits.

Life gets a little easier for childcare providers when they participate in the MI Tri-Share Program.

Tri-Share is program that wants to support employers and employees, but we are very aware of the critical and difficult role childcare providers play in the support of parents, our community, and children. Quality childcare providers are a key asset to our community the Ready for School is eager to support.

Tri-Share supports childcare providers of all sorts – from in-home licensed care to facilities.

Tri-Share benefits to childcare providers

Childcare providers benefit in two major ways:

  1. Regular, dependable payment for their services. The Facilitator Hub for West Michigan (Goodwill Industries of West Michigan) collects payments from parents, their employers, and the state funding to send you checks every two weeks. No more awkward conversations with parents about bills due, late payments and needing to refuse service.

  2. Easily fill your roster through the Tri-Share matching program. Goodwill Industries of West Michigan keeps a database of parents seeking childcare and childcare providers with available slots. When you have slots open up because children age out, move away, or simply don’t need childcare anymore, notify Catrina Rule (, and she’ll begin the process of matching you with a nearby family whose need matches yours.

Get Involved

Childcare providers should contact Goodwill Industries of West Michigan for more information on how to get involved by calling or emailing Catrina Rule at

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